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Jessica Wen Jun Ciprian

Composer for various media. Welcome to my site, a space for your eyes and ears to wander. Where there is a story to tell, there is music to echo it.

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Musical Realms

The relationship between music, film and audience is complementary. I compose music to realise this artistic amalgam, to instigate your emotional response. I hope to tug at your subconscious and heart. Please browse and enjoy. Thank you for visiting.

Film & Television

Film composition has been my craft for many years now. Storytelling through music, enhancing the director's filmic vision, these are my most practised musical skillsets. To learn more about me and what sort of work I can do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


I am also compositionally proficient in the musical world of Anime scoring, which has developed an aesthetic of its own. This is an area of scoring that grew from my own personal love for the Japanese art form, which began in my childhood with Studio Ghibli. Such compositions are featured on my site. If you have any questions, please make contact.


Having been classically trained as a pianist and composer, I am also well versed in the composition of stand-alone orchestral and instrumental music. To learn more about my skills and what I can do, please explore the site and get in touch with any further questions.

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Original Scores & Other Works

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(Original Composer)

Film Credits

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Aly (2023)

Directed by Kevin L. Lee



Lucent: Claire Wickes Flute Demo Commission "Filigree"

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