Who am I?

Hi and welcome. I am Jessica Wen Jun Ciprian, a film composer - Australian born, half Chinese and Italian. I am currently studying my Masters of Music in Screen Scoring at New York University. Music has always been a monumental part of my life. I was classically trained, having learnt the piano since age four. I completed my Bachelor of Music (Piano Performance and Composition) at The University of Melbourne. My passionate musical acuity in composing to film is a skillset I have become proficient in. I am continuing to learn and grow in my profession. My experience has spanned across many years, in personal projects, my studies and of course in my own leisure and practise. I believe that the relationship between music, film and audience are complementary. I aim to compose music that elicits an emotional response, something that tugs at the subconscious and heart. It is my duty to realise the director's creative vision, a collaboration I always honour. I want to share the magic of storytelling through my music. Please feel free to delve into my creations via the links above and discover the worlds to which they belong.