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Who is Jessica Wen Jun Ciprian?

Jessica Wen Jun Ciprian is an Australian born, Chinese and Italian composer. Jessica’s multicultural upbringing has had a formative impact on her musical voice. The diverse background of her European and Asian cultural identity has definitely found its home in her music, which intertwines both styles of scoring. She is a classically trained pianist and a proficiently diverse composer of various media and non-media. Music has always been a monumental part of her life. Jessica’s music serves the narrative amalgam of film, music and audience. Her music prioritises eliciting an emotional response, something that tugs at the subconscious and heart, whilst also realising the director's creative vision.

Jessica has received recognition for her scores in film, inclusive of screenings and awards; such films include Stay the Course (DOC NYC, 2021), Because of You, Without End (Boden International Film Festival, Overmountain International Festival, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, 2022). Jessica’s works aim to share the magic of storytelling through music.

She completed her Masters of Music in Screen Scoring at New York University.

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